Practice Areas

The Real League of Justice is a non-profit law corporation that provides high quality and affordable legal assistance in the following practice areas ONLY to families that are directly affected by a disability.

Education law: The Real League of Justice provides educational seminars on basic to advanced special education law. TRLOJ also is not afraid to assert your student’s rights through due process complaints, administrative hearings, resolution sessions and mediations. TRLOJ is passionate about ensuring disabled children are provided the free appropriate public education they are entitled to under the law.

Government Tort Claims: TRLOJ specializes in handling government tort claims against public entities when a child is abused or injured due to the public entity’s negligence. This can include cases involving student-student physical violence and school staff-student physical violence. If you believe that you have a claim against a public entity, please contact our office immediately as the statute of limitations is only 180 days from the date of the injury/incident.

Probate: Guardianships/Conservatorships: TRLOJ is experienced in securing temporary guardianships, permanent guardianships, limited conservatorships, LPS conservatorships, and general conservatorships of the person and estate.

Public Benefits Appeals: TRLOJ handles IHSS, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, Regional Center and Arizona DDD appeals.

ADA and Civil Rights: TRLOJ handles cases involving violations of ADA and Civil Rights. This can range from a public entity, such as a junior college, college or graduate school, not providing appropriate accommodations to disability discrimination.

Family Law: The attorneys at TRLOJ have vast experience handling divorces, child custody/visitation, child support as well as domestic violence restraining orders. TRLOJ has professional and personal experience maneuvering the family law court system with a special needs child.

Restraining Orders: TRLOJ handles domestic violence and civil harassment restraining orders.

Landlord-Tenant Law: TRLOJ has experience with landlord-tenant matters such as unlawful detainers/evictions and habitability claims (mold).