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The attorneys of TRLOJ have over 40 years of combined special education advocacy due to their own special needs children. Victoria and Lorraine were both thrown into this world because of their children’s diagnoses.

Victoria has two children with Autism. Her son is severe/non-verbal with epilepsy. Victoria’s daughter is now high functioning despite school staff telling Victoria that she would never be able to read, write or do math. Not on Victoria’s watch! Through Victoria’s tireless advocacy efforts and knowledge, she ensured that her daughter was given access to interventions, therapies and special education services that she has taken college courses (where the attorneys at TRLOJ have also had to continue their advocacy).

Lorraine has a child who (at the age of 5) was diagnosed with brain cancer (juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma near the brain stem). Lorraine’s advocacy of her son started in Kindergarten through junior college.

We are one of the few firms in San Diego whose attorneys handle education law and are also parents of special needs children. This brings a unique perspective, vast experience, passion, love and understanding that cannot be duplicated.

Who do you want representing your special needs child? You want someone who has also gone through the trials and tribulations that you are currently going through. That said, there is no better choice than hiring an attorney who is also a parent of a special needs child.

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